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Self-Love is the Answer

I’ve been processing what feels like truck loads of emotions lately. The kind that continue to pour out, for me to sift through in hopes of finding answers, yet the answers are all inside me. I know this, right?

You know when its time to let something go. Whether it’s a job, a relationship (of any kind), or it could be your overall tolerance for the bull you’ve been putting up with for so long. Your gut always tells you when it’s time. But how often do you really listen to it?

I know from experience, over and over again, that your instincts are always correct. The more we try to lean the opposite way, the more the Universe, God, Source (whatever you'd like to call it) shows us the direction that we actually need to go. It’s not always black and white but when something isn’t for you, trust me…you will feel it.

It's hard to let something go that you’ve invested so much time and effort in. It’s hard when you have so much love for something and it doesn’t work out in your favor. Not because you weren’t ready for something big and beautiful, but because that big and beautiful thing that’s searching for YOU, can’t arrive until you let it. You have to meet yourself again. You have to express your wants and needs and desires, AGAIN. It’s hard to break the pattern. It's even harder when you KNOW you need to, but you won’t.

So I want you to ask yourself…what would your life look like if you DID trust your instinct?

What would it feel like, after the initial disappointment, to listen to yourself freely? Would you feel free when you arrive at that moment?

I ask you this as I ask myself the same questions. I share all of this with you because I remember what it felt like to feel so, incredibly alone in my healing journey, and I don’t want anyone to feel that way. The work is freakin’ hard but hey, its worth it. And I’d rather share this work with you all in hopes that you find some clarity in trusting yourself, too.

Remember that we’re all here doing the best we can. Stay strong bestie, and turn inward so you can soak up what that freedom feels like.

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2 commentaires

Major Tom
Major Tom
03 juin 2023

Finding myself unsure these days, could love and gratitude be the same


Major Tom
Major Tom
25 mai 2023

Its even more fun letting go of my own bull, although it came as a bit of a shock.

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