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Spending Money on the Things that Really Matter

Over the weekend I celebrated a friends birthday Party downtown. We had such a great time and I couldn’t help but me so proud of my friends who are making big changes soon - like getting married and starting a family.

I personally am not looking to start a family any time soon, but I couldn’t help but feel for my friends. Some of them have started their families with ease, while some, are still waiting for the opportunity. Naturally, the topic of health coverage came up and wow…I learned so much in that 20 minute conversation with them. What’s covered, what’s not, and how torn they feel with all this pressure.

Having a health insurance plan that supports you and your needs, is huge for your overall wellness and peace of mind. It takes so much pressure off of you knowing that you’re covered, and that means your dreams are covered to. When you’re starting a family, you want to save where it counts, spend on things that matter, and having an insurance plan that you'll actually utilize, is an invest in your health.

HealthBird's Team of licensed agents can assist you during these transitions, and now is the time to see if you qualify for the Special Enrollment period. They will analyze your eligibility, guiding you through the entire process, and will give you personalized options that meet your needs.

Whether you’re losing coverage through your employer or family member, having a baby, or getting married, you may qualify for the special enrollment period! I’ve never come across a company that actually wants the best for you, and WANTS to fulfill your needs (escpailly with health insurance needs, like, you expect me to understand all that insurance jargon? No!). I want the best for all my friends, including all of you, and I know HealthBird can give you so much peace of mind!

I will never stop talking about how grateful I am to have found HealthBird - and I want that for you too. Check your eligibility here, and let's start taking that pressure off of you today! Your future self will thank you for it.

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