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Health Insurance that works FOR YOU!

My excitement hasn't changed over this magical company, HealthBird! If you missed it, check out my last blog post about it here. I've been telling every single person I know about this because it's helped me save sooo much money. Honestly I would never share anything with y'all that I didn't 1000% believe in! Now that i'm self-employed, I was so nervous shopping for health insurance because of well.... the cost! Especially coming from working in corporate, where my insurance was paid 100%. The thought of having to navigate all this newness, was daunting. Until I found HealthBird.

HealthBird is a FREE app that you can download here to shop for coverage that works for you, and your budget. Its completely free to use during open enrollment which is now through January 15th. But today is the day, bestie. Sign up for coverage today, December 15th, to get coverage by January 1st. They made it so simple to shop different plans, and they have a full cocierge team to help answer any questions you have (which I had a million of course, so this was super valuable for me haha) and help you find a plan that works best for you. You can add all your current doctors, medical providers, and persciptions directly in the app and it will populate plans that cover exactly what you NEED.

Honestly i'm so grateful to be able to share this with the world, and grateful to have the opportunity from HealthBird because it truly made my life so much easier. Take the worry and stress off of yourself by having the HealthBird team do all the work for you. I'm blown away with this company, and their mission statement alone shows that all they want to do is help, make insurance more available to those who need it.


If you haven't yet - Download the FREE App here and see how much you can save getting coverage that actually works for you, and no against you (or your wallet!).


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