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I’ve been Gatekeeping this!

OOO Besties! I’ve been keeping a slight secret but don’t come for me…. You’ll benefit BIG time from this just like I have. Y’all know most of my story if you follow me on Instagram, but let’s rewind a bit for those that are new here.

Back in the day when I was a “9-5” girly working in corporate, I never had to think about health insurance. What a time that was! Living my life, not worrying about how much my meds were going to cost me, and not having to pay a dime when going to the dentist. GOOD. TIMES.

When I was laid off in earlier this year, the first things that crossed my mind was, “Crap…what about my health insurance?”. Interesting first thought, sure. But As a HUGE advocate for mental health and for Therapy, I was suddenly overwhelmed with worry, and fear. The exact types of feelings I was in therapy for to begin with.

Besides all the craziness that happened around that time, being newly “unemployed” and launching my online business, this was at the forefront of my mind most of the time. My $15 Therapy sessions would now cost anywhere from $75-$150…. How the heck was I going to manage this? And my medications? You’re joking…

It’s no surprise that inflation has most of us in a grip so tight we can barely afford to eat, let alone pay for over priced prescriptions and being physical scared to go to the doctor. (I’ve been there too!) Open enrollment was fast approaching and one morning I opened an email that would forever solve those problems! Y’all know me - you know how much I preach about Alignment and flow, and how important that mindset is. This couldn’t have been MORE ALIGNED.

HealthBird is an App thats completely free to use (during open enrollment) and makes the enrollment process easy and pain free. They breakdown every ACA plan that you qualify for, and even have some plans with $0 deductible, y’all. I signed up here and answered some questions, then was immediately matched with numerous plans and I could add my doctors at the same time! (This link Here is health insurance specific!)

Never have I experienced shopping and comparing (for not-fun stuff….like insurance) with such ease. I can manage all my doctors visits, medications, all for a fraction of what I imagined it would cost me as a newly, self-employed girly. I am a happy, happy girl!

Whether you’re looking to save some money on your current plan, are Self-Employed or 1099 - I highly recommend checking out HealthBird. Their customer service and concierge team is SO helpful and warm - they really have simplified health insurance! Enroll by December 15th to have coverage by January 1st and don’t miss your opportunity to have the coverage you want, at the price you can actually afford. Enrollment ends on January 15th y’all!

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