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6 Simple Healthy Habits You Can Start Today

You’re ready to make some lifestyle changes, but you don’t want to bite off more than you can

chew. Thankfully, adopting healthy habits can be a gradual process! Fierce & Fine shares a few

tips, including how to set up a cozy home office for remote work, get more steps throughout the

day, and reduce your sugar and caffeine intake.

Design a Stress-Free Home Office

If you work from home, designing a comfortable home office where you can focus on your work

will help you maintain your productivity and feel your best when you’re tackling big projects.

Even if your remote job is only part-time, it’s still a good idea to designate a space dedicated to


Invest in a desk with enough room for your supplies and a supportive chair that will help you

avoid back pain. You can add some fun creative touches, like flowers and houseplants, too!

During the workday, try to commit to a strict schedule that includes a few breaks for stretching

or walking around.

Try Natural Skincare

Are you using conventional skincare products? Try formulas with natural plant oils instead!

Integris Health states that natural oils like olive, jojoba, tea tree, peppermint, chamomile,

rosehip, and rosemary can help hydrate your skin and keep moisture from escaping.

Furthermore, organic, natural ingredients can be a great choice for people with sensitive skin.

Move Your Body

What if you don’t have room in your schedule to go to the gym multiple times per week? You

can find ways to move your body more often while going about your day without blocking off

time to work out! My Fitness Pal recommends taking a walk every morning, walking around

while you talk on the phone, parking further away from destinations, and tackling errands on


Sleep Soundly

If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’ll feel sluggish, irritable, and distracted throughout the

day. You can get more slee p - and improve the quality of your sleep - by establishing a

consistent bedtime routine, keeping your room dark and cool, and avoiding heavy meals late in

the evening.

You can also get better sleep by improving your bedding, including adding a new duvet, sheets,

and throw pillows. Look for breathable cotton bedding that's both durable and comfortable, then

choose unique options for patterns created by independent artists. If you order print-on-demand

designs, you can customize your design and not have to worry about your design being out of


Cut Down on Sugar and Caffeine

Consuming lots of sugar and caffeine can make you feel energized when you need a quick

boost - but within an hour or so, you’ll inevitably crash. Lately I've been trying a Medicinal Mushroom Coffee from Ryze, and its truly done wonders.

Coffee, soda, and sweets might feel like

nice pick-me-ups in the midst of busy days, yet if you can cut back on your sugar and caffeine

consumption, you’ll enjoy stable energy levels and moods throughout the day.

To ditch sugar, Nutrition Solutions recommends slashing sources of added sugar from your diet,

reading nutrition labels, and reaching for fruit to satisfy cravings for sweets. If you need to dial

down your caffeine intake, try sticking with just a single caffeinated beverage in the morning.

Meditation and Yoga

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of yoga and meditation. These habits can be great additions to

your morning and evening rituals. You can even carve out a few moments for mindfulness

breaks during the workday if you work from home, which can help lower your stress levels!

If you’ve never tried yoga or meditation before, you can look up online classes or download an

app that provides guided meditations. This will help you learn the basics.

By choosing one or two new habits to implement at a time, you can slowly transition to a

healthier lifestyle. This approach will help you avoid getting overwhelmed! After switching to

natural skincare, revamping your home office, and picking some of these other strategies, you’ll

feel happier and healthier.

The Fierce & Fine lifestyle blog was created for you to live your life to the fullest. Read more

informative articles today!

Written by Guest Writer - Anya Willis

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