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Tips & Tools for a Productive Morning Routine

Ahh, the morning routine. It is a blessing in disguise for so many reasons. I will be the first to say, I'm NOT a morning person. But lets be a little delusional here and speak in our highest frequency. "What does the highest version of myself do each day?" She wakes up early, has a wonderful morning walk, makes her coffee/matcha mindfully with breakfast, gives gratitude and gets ready to conquer the day.

What does the highest version of YOU do each day? Explore that within, and see what comes up for you. Below are some helpful tips and tools I've implemented in my morning routine and hope they help you navigate those changes as well.

  • One Step at a Time is the fastest way to do anything

The key I've found to a peaceful morning routine is this - do NOT overwhelm yourself with too many new things. It's great to have a list of what your ideal morning looks like, for sure. But for me, too many new things to incorporate feels like anxiety, or that I'm setting myself up for failure. I've focused on starting one new thing in my mornings each week that way, I don't feel too overwhelmed by all the "things I have to do" and Instead, reframing that into "things I get to do"

  • Which brings me to - the Reframe

Instead of saying, "I have to workout today, I have to get up early, I have to eat healthier etc", remember that each day is a blessing, and you GET TO do these things. This simple shift really does work wonders. We should be celebrating all that our bodies can do, instead of spending our time criticizing what they can't, or making it seem like a chore.

  • Understanding your Why

If one of your goals is to wake up earlier for example, take the time to ask yourself, "Why?" What is your reasoning? Is it to create more peace in your mornings instead of rushing around, or more time to yourself before the kids wake up? Only you know what your 'why' is.

  • Gratitude

I know you've heard me say this a million times but just an fyi, I'll probably never stop telling you just how important this step is. I highly encourage you to implement some kind of gratitude practice in your morning. Whether that's saying a couple things to yourself before you get out of bed, or sitting down for a few minutes each morning to write it in you journal, this simple yet powerful tool can really transform any discomfort in your mind, and remind you how special this life is.

  • ONE Affirmation

I'm not going to tell you to make ten sticky notes and put them all over your mirror; but start with one. One that is meaningful and close to your heart. My favorite affirmation ever, if I had to choose one, is "I am a miracle magnet." Be a little delusional here if you like, but believe that you're deserving of it, because YOU ARE.

Implementing 'New' in your routine doesn't have to be intimidating. You can pick and choose, get really specific and intentional about how and when you implement it, and start with ease. One step at a time is the fastest way you can do anything, period. Mornings can be a huge struggle for a lot of us (including myself at times) but the routine that you carefully curate for yourself, is meant to support you. It's meant to give you some balance and joy, when you need it most. That, is self care.


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