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Replacing Bad Habits, with Constructive Behavior During a Life Transition

Changes are great, yet they often get met with resistance. It's human nature to crave

familiarity, but transitions can lead us to better prospects. One key outcome of a transition

is the chance to begin anew by creating a clean slate. By doing away with the old, you can

develop new habits that set you up for success.

Eliminate Toxic Relationships

Transitions are often a period of reassessment. So, assess your bonds with your friends and

loved ones. Are they worth keeping? Are the feelings mutual? It's during major transitions

that true friendships emerge. Let convenient sunny-weather relationships wither away,

leaving only authentic connections — then celebrate refining your inner circle.

Evaluate Your Career Prospects

A resignation or job termination can be a blessing in disguise as it's a chance to put your

cards on the table and analyze your qualifications or skills. If you're feeling stuck in your

current job, becoming your own boss will enable you to transition into a new career

direction. Launch that website or write that book to get your career up and running! If

you've thought about starting your own business, consider consulting in your current field.

You can even use a formation service to register your business and get started.

If heading off on a completely different career path is what you have in mind, you might be

interested in getting yourself re-educated. There are online education opportunities for just

about any discipline under the sun, so you won’t have to worry about finding the time to go

to school. For example, if you want to become a teacher, take a look at this degree program

that will lead you towards earning a teaching license. There are also courses in business,

technology, and more that you can look into.

Make Healthier Choices

Transitions are perfect for forcing you out of your comfort zone. Choosing the healthy route

is beneficial for your mental and physical well-being. It also smoothes a bumpy road by

giving you mental clarity and motivation to forge through the unknown. Some healthier

choices you can make include eating a healthy diet, hydrating, and getting enough rest.

Other choices to improve your health could involve exercising to get your blood flowing

and practicing mindfulness to help you appreciate the journey — despite the uncertainty.

Start a Hobby

Pick up a hobby while waiting for plans to come to fruition. Learn to play a new instrument,

sign up for vocal classes, practice public speaking, go on outdoor hikes, or train for a sport.

Create a Healthier Home

Your environment influences your mental health. Even disorganization can negatively

impact your mind. So, get rid of the clutter and the extra mental baggage that it creates.

Create an atmosphere that's welcoming and pleasant for you to think, reflect, and get into

action. Your environment will mirror your resolve to grow and flourish.

Consider Changing Locations

Transitions require separation from the old. Consider moving to a new neighborhood: the

change could enable you to make new friends, form new habits, and start new beginnings. 

Moving doesn't need to be hard. A local moving company can handle all the heavy lifting

once you find a place to relocate. There are plenty of moving companies with varying price

ranges or discounts available. Read reviews and choose one that meets your needs.

Start Anew With Positive Habits

Transitions are like a second chance at life — they're an ideal time to transform old habits

into new, positive ones. Find out how you can make the most out of life transitions at here, at Fierce & Fine.

Written by Guest Writer - Anya Willis

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