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My Favorite Books for Mindfulness & Mental Health

Hello lovely people! So many exciting things are happening over on my Instagram page and I couldn't be more thrilled to have you all here!

As promised, I've compiled a list of my Favorite books for Mindfulness and Mental Health (in no particular order). I will add to this list and post updates in the future - so you can always find them here. At this end of this post you will find a Link where you can purchase any of the books that stand out to you!

  1. The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle - psssst, I wrote a separate Blog post about this here . This book is incredible, but it is a little challenging to get through. Don't be discouraged, just go at your own pace!

  2. Set Boundaries, Find Peace, Nedra Tawwab - How to set boundaries in your life and relationships for reclaiming yourself.

  3. Reinventing the body, Resurrecting the Soul, Deepak Chopra - Deepak is a spiritual teacher and licensed Doctor who I've studied since I was a young adult.

  4. Meta Human, Deepak Chopra

  5. Resilient, John Eldredge - How to bring balance back into your during turbulent times.

  6. Atlas of the Hear, Brene Brown - She goes over the many ways our brains process emotions, and the language of human experience (REALLY GOOD)

  7. The Book of Joy, Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu

  8. Think Like a Monk, Jay Shetty - I love everything Jay Shetty, from his book to his podcast, his insight on life post Monk life is truly incredible.

  9. Single on Purpose, John Kim - Also known as, the Angry Therapist, Jon Kim has many books out regarding Relationships, personal growth, and books geared towards Men as well.

  10. You are A Badass, Jen Sincero - Great book to start with if you're new to personal development. Filled with insight and affirmations, Jen helps you break down what's keeping you from your next success.

  11. Its Not Me, Its You , John Kim & Vanessa Bennett - Relationships

  12. UnF*ck Your Brain, Faith Harper PDH, LPC - Utilizing science to get over anxiety, depression and triggers

  13. Switch On your Brain, Dr. Caroline Leaf - All backed by studies and clinical trials, Dr. Leaf teaches you how to use your brain to your advantage to reach peak happiness, thinking, and health.

  14. The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz - Absolutely CLASSIC. Must Read!

  15. Atomic Habits, James Clear - Another classic and must read on how to get out of your own way and build good habits for life.

  16. How to Do the Work, Dr. Nicole LePera - I am currently reading this gem and will give an honest review halfway. So far, this Holistic Psychologist is saying all of the things i've known to be true. I can tell this is going to be great!

  17. Get out of your Head, Jennie Allen - Pretty self explanatory, but read if you find yourself getting continuously caught up in your thoughts.

  18. The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck , Mark Mason - This is the first book I read from Mark Mason and I have to say, he really puts in all into perspective, in a way you can understand.

  19. Cleaning Up your Mental Mess, Dr. Caroline Leaf - Incredible book, but it took me awhile to get through it. Lots of clinical trials in the book that you can study and understand how we can literally, reprogram our brains.

  20. Greenlights, Matthew McConaughey - I bet you didn't expect this one to be on here, but it is! Matthew goes through his personal struggles, his journey and notebooks from his past, and what the term, Greenlights, really means to him! Excellent read or on audible (he narrates it)

Let me know in the comments which Books your ordered to start your Journey!

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Major Tom
Major Tom
Aug 22, 2022

I started with Deepak Chopra, Unconditional Life. It really changed the way I saw the world.

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