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Awareness is the Witness

Wooooowzers. You know when you go into something that is new and you have the worst anxiety the night before? Like, the day before I travel, I can never sleep because I am literally so excited. The day before I start a new job, I am so nervous because I know nothing about it. Anxiety or nervous energy can get the best of us. But how do we go about controlling it?

I wont lie and say I am an expert because I clearly am not, haha!! But what tools can we use in our daily lives to give us a break from this type of energy? The biggest thing I have learned to practice in the last two years is….to be PRESENT. Now, this is something that is easier said than done, but pay attention to this next bit.

Being present in the Now, takes serious practice. I’ve noticed that the more I acknowledge it, the more I’m aware of it. “I feel this way because I can’t stop thinking about _____ that happened months ago,” or “I’m so anxious…all I can do is think about the different scenarios about the future…like, is it all going to fall into place like I’ve planned?! Somethings gotta give!!” (anxious energy) Yes, it applies to living and thinking too much in the future, as well as dwelling in the past. It causes depression or anxiety, neither of which are what you want or need in your life, babe. But you know what stops all of that mental chatter? Now. Being present, in the Now.

When you got that text from your Ex last week…and that made you replay all the memories of your relationship in your mind, how did that make you feel? Sad? Nervous? Betrayed? Angry? Whatever emotion it triggered for you…that is an example of living in past emotion. When you are constantly living in those past situations, you cannot move forward unless you are present. Now, is all we have. When something triggers you, it’s important to take note mentally and essentially become "the watcher of the mind", as Eckhart Tolle describes in his book, The Power of Now. Once you notice what your mind is doing, you will be able to call yourself out on it. It doesn’t always have to be a thing…unless you make it a thing. 😊

I spent a lot of time the last couple years replaying old memories and reminiscing on what used to be or how a certain something made me feel, bad or good. Even while learning and practicing being present, I was still finding myself (almost constantly) dreaming of the future based on memories. Can you still live in the Now, while transitioning into your truest, highest form? Is that a thing?

If that transition happens (I mean it has to at some point), how do we go from one step to the next without feeling like we’ve taken 5 steps backwards? Can we reach what we know as complete enlightenment and have that feeling of presence all the time? I’m sure it’s possible based on the books that I’ve read in the last few years, but geez!!! What about in normal life?! (obviously, WE are not monks or shamans… I mean you could be, and if you are I don’t mean to offend you, haha).

What do YOU do to stay present in the daily struggles that each of us face today?! What do you tell yourself when thoughts start swarming and you check yourself!? Everyone is different, so I am curious! Please leave your answers in the comments below and thank you for reading. 😊

The Power of Now is one book that I will recommend to every single person I know. I will admit, it is a difficult read (because it's so mind blowing it takes awhile to get through, haha) but I promise you won't be disappointed. Take your time with it, open your mind a bit, and listen to your intuition. If it flows, let it. If it doesn't, that's okay too. Click here to order your own copy and see what YOUR intuition has to say.

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Major Tom
Major Tom
May 03, 2023

My way of dealing with daily struggles, is that I just don't do daily struggles. I just have a pretty low cast life, not far from a monk or a Shaman (HaHa). I realised a long time ago things don't make people happy and that goes for anything else outside of yourself, happiness is actually a symptom of being at peace with yourself(I think). Ill let yah know if I was right some day, hopefully.

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